Jiangli Yu and Bin He

 String and Bamboo Music

Jiangli Yu and Bin He are professional artists who have been training since the age of 6. They have been on the forefront of introducing Chinese music to modern genres. Both have made contributions to New Age, as well as, electronic music, creating a sound that is uniquely theirs. They have received many awards in musical performance.

Jiangli Yu pursued a master’s degree in the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. Bin He graduated from the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing, where he specialized in the bamboo flute and musical composition. They have guest lectured in universities such as the University of California, Los Angeles, Chapman University, and California State University, Northridge.

As composers, Jiangli Yu and Bin He performed and produced the “Essence of China” Loop Library which was released worldwide by M-audio in July, 2006. Their most recent production is featured in the movie "007-Skyfall”, “Son of the Dragon” and "Iron Road” released in the United States. Other credit performances include recordings from popular game “War Craft III”, “Returning Princess” and upcoming video game “True Crime”.

Their performances included sold-out concerts titled ‘When East meets West’ (2004), ‘Ancient Voice and New Tune’ (2002), and ‘Wen Di’ (2001). Jiangli Yu and Bin He also co-conducted the String and Bamboo Music Orchestra’s concert, ‘A Beautiful Life’, in 2006.

Aside from composing music, Jiangli and Bin have performed in several countries where they have infused their own modern interpretation into popular age-old melodies. As directors of String and Bamboo Music Orchestra, they are currently based in Los Angeles, California where they continue to work to integrate Eastern and Western music, as well as fusing the classic with the modern to create a new kind of musical experience.  

In May of 2002, master “guzheng” artist Jiangli Yu and “dizi” performer Bin He established the String and Bamboo Music in Los Angeles. They named the musical group “String”, after the string instrument guzheng, and “Bamboo”, after dizi, the Chinese bamboo flute.

Since the establishment of the String and Bamboo Music, Master Jiangli Yu and Bin He dedicated themselves tothe education and promotion of the modern use of traditional Chinese string (Guzheng) and bamboo (dizi, Xiao, Hulusi, Bawu, and Xun) instruments. In many years, not only have they developed a group of talented musicians, they also jointly created many compositions infused with the musical culture from both the east and the west, including classical String and Bamboo masterpieces, Chinese and Taiwanese folk songs, and contemporary international pop hits and famous movie theme songs. Through the education of major Chinese musical instruments, their students are exposed to a variety of musical styles and cultural influence

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