Name: Bawu
Maker: Jingjun Zhang & Bin He
Price: Starting at $25
Buy: Call for detail (909) 581-9377

The bawu is a Chinese wind instrument. At first glance, many may mistake it for a Chinese flute because if its shape and horizontal manner. However, the bawu is a free reed instrument, played with a single metal reed. In addition to the pure tone resembling the clarinet, the bawu is especially known for its ornamentation and bending tones.
The bawu was created in the Yunnan province in southwest China. It is believed that in this province, young maiden girl used the bawu to call her village for rescue from a mountain demon.
Whether it is featured as a solo or a part of an ensemble, the bawu’s distinct sound is known to be a speaking instrument. In recent years, it has been featured in film scores and popular music



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