Name: Dizi-Bamboo Flute
Maker: Shimin Dong
Price: Starting at $5
Buy: Call for detail (909) 581-9377

The dizi is a major Chinese musical instrument, also known as the Chinese flute, di or hengdi. It is believed to have been originated from Tibet during the Han dynasty, and has been used in China for 2000 years.
The music that this instrument produces is not only popular in Chinese operas, Chinese folk music, and Chinese orchestras, but it has also inspired Western music. Although the dizi plays a significant role in Chinese musical history, it is still used in modern forms of music.
With its lasting appeal, the dizi is also well-liked among the common people. It is easy to amek and carry; and has a beautiful crisp tone. You can hear the dizi’ unique sound in a solo or accompany a wide variety of instruments including vocals.




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